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For over 20 years, GTL-SERVICE has been providing cleaning services for businesses at Katowice Airport. The dynamic development of airport infrastructure in recent times has resulted in an expansion of our services. Today, we also provide cleaning services for companies and institutions in the ​​Silesia region and surrounding areas.

Our experience in the field of environmental protection is reflected in the selection of appropriate, environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. We also have the appropriate license to conduct disinfection and sanitation, and dispose of municipal waste.

Commercial cleaning

Experience gained over many years of operating providing services for companies at Katowice Airport, where sanitation and cleaning procedures are strict, have allowed us to offer a world-standard service. Our discrete and unobtrusive manner ensures that performing our services does not interfere with a company’s working day and processes.

We adapt to all standards and guidelines. Our extensive knowledge of sanitation and environmental requirements enables us to achieve highly satisfactory results.

Our services include:

  • hand-washing floors,
  • mechanical cleaning of flat surfaces,
  • dusting,
  • cleaning carpets, upholstery,
  • surface disinfection and sanitation (toilets),
  • supply of hygiene products,
  • floor polishing,
  • surface treatment (polymerisation, acrylic impregnation),
  • washing large windows at height (abseiling method).

We provide surface cleaning large enclosed structures, such as:

  • warehousing,
  • production halls,
  • sports facilities,
  • supermarkets,
  • corridors,
  • staircases,
  • lobbies,
  • hangars,
  • elevators,
  • underground levels,
  • garages.

Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft ground-handling includes providing cleaning services. Our extensive experience allows for precise and timely cleaning of aircraft interiors. This service includes:

  • cleaning aircraft interiors,
  • window washing,
  • performing disinfection and sanitation,
  • replenishing hygiene products,
  • garbage disposal,
  • restocking seats and seat pockets with pre-arranged items.

We are certified by Poland’s Civil Aviation Authority to conduct this type of service at Katowice Airport.

Grounds Maintenance

GTL-SERVICES provides constant upkeep and maintenance of the grounds at Katowice Airport. Although this is not a simple task, particularly in cold winter conditions, airport cleanliness ensures safety.

Ground maintenance activities include:

  • mowing grass, trimming bushes and trees,
  • planting and taking care of ornamental flower beds,
  • spraying greenery,
  • mechanical and manual sweeping of roads, squares and pavements,
  • cleaning pavers,
  • clearing of roads and pavements of snow,
  • constant management of the levels of raw materials necessary for snow removal,
  • ensuring roads aren’t slippery,
  • regular emptying of rubbish bins and waste disposal.